About TrackingPoint™

TrackingPoint is a Pflugerville, Texas-based applied technology company. In addition, TrackingPoint designed and engineered advanced technology into the optics that calculates all factors required to enable and set an accurate real-time firing solution.  TrackingPoint’s technological advancements in optics enable anyone to accurately hit targets at ranges from 100 yards up to one mile in some cases.

Today, TrackingPoint is made up of technologists, engineers, fabricators, creative, and business people with a passion for hunting and shooting.  We believe that every product should be tested virtually, in the field, and in actual use conditions before it is sent to our customer.  We choose the highest quality materials with which to manufacture our products, and partner with businesses whose products, quality, craftsmanship, and reputations are unassailable.

Our vision is to make our remarkable technology available to as many hunters, shooters, and outdoor enthusiasts as possible through the production of high quality optics.  Our commitment to continuous improvement and to embracing leading-edge technological advancements will enable TrackingPoint to develop high quality precision optics and accessories for purchase separate from the rifle.

If you’re interested in working at TrackingPoint, stop by our Careers page to view available openings and to submit a resume.

The Invention of the TrackingPoint Firearm

All  shots are an ongoing challenge for hunters, and for big game hunters in particular, when multiple variables – such as wind speed and direction, human error due to jitter (we call it buck fever in Texas), recoil, range miscalculation, and even rifle cant and inclination – threaten to diminish shot accuracy. Equally challenging is making consecutive shots, sometimes at multiple unknown distances, with any degree of speed or consistency with the same accuracy as the first shot.

When the founder of TrackingPoint missed a shot at a Thompson’s Gazelle in Africa at just 300 yards, it ignited his analytic mind to develop something to help hunters make better shots – in a way that eliminates or greatly reduces human error and environmental impacts.  Surprisingly, technological advancements at that time had not yet been applied to shooting.  It quickly became apparent that engineering advanced technologies, like target tracking and image processing, into firearms and optics could make a huge difference.  Thus, in 2011, TrackingPoint was born.  Check out our Video Library for some explainer videos and to see some of the newer rifles in action. 

About the TrackingPoint Firearm

TrackingPoint’s firearms virtually eliminate shooting errors in aim, trigger pull, environmental inputs, and range miscalculation to deliver five times the first shot success rate of traditional systems, regardless of shooter skill level or expertise.  Many of our firearms achieve target acquisition at greater than 1,200 yards.

With TrackingPoint’s proprietary and patent-pending XactSystem, shooters tag, track, and hit their aim point precisely – a shot process referred to as Tag, Track, Xact™ or TTX. The firearm automatically adjusts for range, temperature, barometric pressure, spin drift, wind input, cant, inclination, and more. Simply paint the target with the tag with a half trigger squeeze to lock on (RapidLok™ System), and watch as the tag persists regardless of relative movement.  The shooter then aligns the reticle – which represents the firing solution with the tag – and fully engages the trigger to arm the system. The networked tracking scope releases the guided trigger when the reticle and tag are optimally aligned.

Shots in less supported positions, such as kneeling, barrier supported, and sitting, are also possible with TTX technology:  as long as you can tag it, you can hit it.

The ShotView™ app streams video from the heads up display in the networked tracking scope to any smartphone or tablet enabling hunters to coordinate, guides to mentor clients, and fathers to teach kids the pleasures of shooting or hunting.

The networked tracking scope also records each shot sequence from the time of tagging until 15 seconds after the shot is taken. It also takes stills of the tag, the shot, and the frame 15 seconds after the shot.  Shooters and hunters can download the stills and videos using the TrackingPoint app, share the videos and stills with friends – complete with voice and the shot data – over Facebook, Twitter, and email.

Future TrackingPoint Products

As TrackingPoint grows and matures as an organization, we have brought on the best designers, technicians, and engineers to help us evolve our products to appeal to a broader market.  We are currently in development phases and anticipate a late 2018  release of two stand-alone, direct-view optics:  a hunting scope and a tactical/long range scope.  Additionally, we will also release an all-digital stand-alone optic that will offer most of the tagging and tracking capability as our full rifle systems.  This will also be a late 2018 release.