Vivid™ – Gen 3 Night Vision

September 14, 2017
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VIVID™ seamlessly integrates the world’s most advanced night-vision technology into your TrackingPoint system, eliminating human error when shooting in the dark. Even without an IR Illuminator, you’ll be able to see under natural star- and moon-lit conditions, locking onto targets out to 250 yards. Switch on the IR Illuminator, and VIVID delivers clear situational awareness, allowing you to lock and launch on targets out to 300 yards. To install it, mount the high-intensity IR illuminator using the rail mounts included. When you’re ready to use it, just turn on your TrackingPoint System and switch into Night Mode.
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  • Quick-release locking mount
  • Sensitivity – 64-72 Ip/mm, Manual Gain
  • Power – One CR123A battery or 1.5V AA
  • Dimensions – 4.9in × 2.7in × 2.2in
  • Weight w/o mount – 16.9oz
  • Compatible with TrackingPoint’s Mi4, Mi4S, Mi6, Mi8, Mi13, ShadowTrax6, ShadowTrax3, and ShadowTrax8 Systems
  • ShotGlass™ and ShotView™ Compatible – Night Vision images stream to connected devices
  • Includes Stealth Kit software-upgrade thumb drive (note: Stealth Kit only needs to be installed one time regardless of number of stealth attachments added to a specific gun.)
  • Made in America

Not Available for Export.